Bionic Commando ReArmed

Comes out tomorrow on XBLA and Thursday for PSN.  Looks like no online coop, but I’ll still get it.  The question is XBLA or PSN? 

Here’s some more Gametrailer vids to get this going….


13 thoughts on “Bionic Commando ReArmed

  1. I was never a really big fan of the original (and that arcade version! sheesh!) but i am all over this like nobody’s business. Great trailer too. Love the transition.

  2. Ok, picked up the XBLA version. Who will lead the Leaderboards?

    Anyway, I’m liking it, though the analog takes a bit to get used to for sidescrolling/grappling horizontally. The d-pad is pretty crap though (try going diagonal on Overworld map, and always end up running into trucks)…. 😛

  3. Got the POWER GRIP upgrade last night. In zone 8 or 10 (whatever zone that’s across the river/sea/lake and saved there. Grabbing guys and tossing them at their friends is fun!

    Hmmm, my skills seem to be failing me. Some of these challenge rooms are pretty tough. My NES pixel counting skills don’t translate well into HD.

  4. Crap! Its already out!? Aww crap! Master D I’m coming for you!!! …….. probably tomorrow at the latest 😦

  5. ^^ See first post Steve. Though now I’m wondering if I should have gotten the PSN version. Apparently there’s supposed to be something extra for the PSN version. I know they put Remote Play into it (play with your PSP), but there’s also suppose to be something else…. hmmm…

    Anyway, I’m still enjoying the one on XBLA. Wish there was online coop. Maybe they’ll patch it in later. Also, make sure to download the demo first to see the little dialogs before you unlock the game. Pretty tongue in cheek.

  6. You better be getting weapon upgrades Snoey. All of the weapons are just awesome when upgraded.

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