Metal Gear Online: Clanning Up….

So now that we only need Steve to get a PS3, you guys want to start a clan?  Or just join one?  I’m in C.E.R.T.A. clan right now, since everyone in the clan is about 25-30 and are pretty good at being honorable/good etiquette.  Just do a search for it on the Clan menu.

If not that’s fine.  I just like the clan setup because I don’t have to deal with teabagging kids whenever we play.  If we do clan up a potential name for our clan = Catnip Corps.  If we still have a picture of Oscar, we can use that as our emblem.


2 thoughts on “Metal Gear Online: Clanning Up….

  1. I’d love to do this but being as our schedules are rediculo as it is this would be a tough proposition. Lets hope we can get our act together by the time Monster Hunter comes out!

  2. Yeh, it is a bit of a commitment, though I think I’ve racked enough time to start a “casual” clan, meaning just a easy friendslist.

    The shenanigans that happen in MGO can get ridiculous. i.e. someone putting a mag down and everybody (including girl characters) going “oooh, mama!”, people rolling around in drum cans, ramming folks with a cardboard box, sticking C4 on your teammates for suicide runs.

    Of course, there are the douchey kids who just want to pad their stats, but the clan usually just starts CQCing them till their stunned.

    Monster Hunter better have Voice Chat. I wanna Wilhelm scream whenever I get uppercutted by Heavy Swords…. 😉

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