Dilemmas into Dilemonade

So I have a PS3 now and there’s a lot of multiplatform games coming out for download. Should I get games for PSN or XBLA when thay come out? I suppose it doesn’t really matter except for multiplayer games?


10 thoughts on “Dilemmas into Dilemonade

  1. Why are you not finishing MGS4? DO IT NOW!!

    Also, I think downloadable games generally run the same. And both versions have online play as far as I know.

    Even Bionic Commando ReArmed is NOT going to have online multiplayer. The next gen Bionic Commando will have online, but not the PSN/XBLA remake.

  2. I agree with Peter. Play metal gear first. You won’t be disaapointed. In fact, I think I’m going to play through again soon.

  3. For god sakes will someone buy 1942: Joint strike (360) so I have someone to play with? Its pretty fun.

  4. Not in my budget. I have 3 people to support on a 1 person salary. So no, I can’t buy more than my budget.

  5. I’m buying strikers as we speak and reinstating my Live Gold Account.

    And by the way this was a terrible post. Message board/faq quality, my apologies.

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