In Regards to the Dark Knight….

…. I will let the rest of the world gush.

I will just say it was so awesome it gave me a headache for the rest of the day.

Only complaint is it maybe is just a little too long by a hair.

When did movies start getting good again?


5 thoughts on “In Regards to the Dark Knight….

  1. Need to see it. And movies were good around Iron Man. Ok, maybe not so much, my standards are just not that high anymore.

  2. Yeah, don’t let that dissuade you peter. The Dark Knight goes well beyond a great superhero movie. It’s a great movie period. I walked out of Cinerama with my mind numb from the brutal beating the movie delivered. I want to see it at Imax next.

  3. I would say my complaint was that until the Joker interrogation room scene it was a very good but not amazing comic book movie. With that scene and everything that comes after it becomes one of the best movies I’ve ever scene.

    I guess that’s not really a complaint…

    Interestingly it was the first time in a long time at a movie I lost all track of time. Because of this, for me, the movie had a ton of false endings and just kept going. I don’t mean to say this is a negative thing, quite the opposite. I think I would just snap out of the trance it put me in and then apply normal expectations then be sucked back in again and be blown away.

    This doesn’t make any sense/disregard.

    Just see the movie.

  4. Saw it. Loved it. I think the bits with Harvey Dent were great. And the fact that the Joker is actually insane as opposed to just being another crime boss worked so well.

  5. Yeah, The Dark Knight was everything I thought it was going to be and then some. The Joker was THE ultimate anti-hero and conscience of society all rolled into one. For me, you literally hated to love him. If Ledger doesn’t get at least an Oscar nod, if not the posthumous Oscar, something is seriously wrong with the world. The let me show you a trick part intro for him stole the show for me. He killed a lackie with a pencil! Props! Will I see it a 100 times, like the rest of the drones, no. Did I like? Hells yeah!

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