Is there such a thing as TOO retro?

I’d like to jump into a small rant about a trend that seems to be picking up speed. As you may (or may not if your driving buses through the wilds of Alaska) Capcom has decided that Mega Man 9 would not be a logical graphical upgrade from the exceptionally awesome Mega Man 8 (You can call it “Handsome Guy”) but be a complete reversal back to 8 bit. Now I know were all a bunch of nostalgic old softies but I got to say, whats going on here? As much as the NES was great I would think that even the biggest fanboy would admit that in the evolution of 2d graphics the thing was primitive, especially when we see how far the medium could be evolved like in Mega Man 8. Now we’re in a situation where nostalgia has blended with this limitation. I don’t know I guess I find a certain lack of genuineness when a system can clearly produce graphics far better then what were seeing. And I certainly don’t mean that it should be yet another bland 2.5d 3d modeled whatever, just the natural evolution of the 2D medium. I think the start of this preview shows it best as Megaman “evolves” through his Megaman 8 sprite and de-volves back to 8 bit.

It also sounds like it’s hard as shit. Just like old times!

But This! This….. will not do. Just recently announced is “Gradius rebirth” a basically 2D kickback to the Gradius of the NES. I mean maybe i’m jumping the gun but I have been clamoring for a next gen Gradius ever since rumors popped up about a PS3 version. But basically another NES (or maybe a SNES) Gradius? Gradius for NES is the one I liked the least. Especially after just how spectacular Gradius V was and how great it could be if they just kept rolling with that momentum this just sort of sucked the wind out of my expectations.

I will still buy this 😦


One thought on “Is there such a thing as TOO retro?

  1. That screenshot for Gradius looks like SNES graphics for Gradius 1.

    Also, I’m thinking Mega Man 9 will sell well on the Wii.

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