E3 video breakdown!

Man I wish I had more energy for games. If all this stuff came out in the Malden days I think we would all giggle, pee our pants, and die. Even now in the Jaded age this is some pretty sweet sweet stuff. I’ll skip the big, monotone, shoot-em-up stuff and hit the interesting gay art stuff I want to play.

Street Fighter 4

Sheesh this looks pretty good. And by pretty good I mean “Where were you in 2001?”

Galaga Legions

Oh god. This looks incredibly rad.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Maybe my excitement is just grandfathered in but I’m actually somewhat dissapointed by the graphics on this. It had better have ten billion new items.

Bionic Commando

Is it possible that i’m willing to forgive the kinda crappy dreadlocks, fishy looking combat and gunplay, and gritty “extreme” makover by how completely amazing the swinging looks. I’d say very.

Mad World



8 thoughts on “E3 video breakdown!

  1. Considering the whole “funkr” debacle on the GC back in the day, I’ll keep away from Animal Crossing personally.

    Bionic Commando has grapple hook into drop kick attacks. Insta win!

    SF4 is starting to win me over. All of the super zoomed in close ups during super moves is bringing that whole nostalgia back for me. I heart it.

    Oh, and the Castlevania fighting game on Wii? Apparently it plays like Power Stone. Yeh, really.

  2. The Castlevania character designs are some of the worst I’ve seen in the series and I think it’s time for Igarashi to take a break, or find some new blood (haw!) to take over the series direction. He had his day in the sun (ouch!) but seriously. It’s time for Alucard-style nap time for this guy.

    The game may be fun though. I just wont play it.

  3. Oh, I’m not saying Castlevania Wii is good, just that its not trying to be Soul Calibur/Tekken.

    Though, with MGS4 out of the way, maybe Konami can throw some more cash at its other IPs and get back at rivaling with Capcom.

  4. I have two things two say before disappearing in to the wilderness again:

    Steve, why do you hate working links? Is there some deep rooted html related trauma there?
    Show us on the doll where the bad a=href man touched you. With time we will make you whole again.

    Madworld looks tits.

    Good day.

  5. Can some one tell me what I have to do to make the damn things work? I’m something of an HTML retard?

  6. 1) High light text when you’re making the article.

    2) Click on the icon that looks like 3 chain links.

    3) Copy and paste HTML address where prompted. Also, choose “open link in new window” for everyone’s convenience.

    4) Enjoy.

  7. For me, it was like E3 didn’t even happen. I just can’t be bothered to keep track anylonger.

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