Konami Provides Major Fan Service, Tells No One

At least not me! Ok so this is one for the dorkiest of the dorks. So back about 2004 Konami made a game called AirForce Delta Strike (for the Ps2) a not so great Ace Combat clone that I actually had at the Malden. It wasn’t great by any stretch but wasn’t a total piece of crap. What made it something that I felt was worth finishing is that The Vic Viper from Gradius was in the game and playable. Also the little punching glove ship from Twin Bee made an appearance. And it was pretty fun to fly around and blow shit up pretending you were in some 3d Gradius title. So just today while messing around on the you tube I find that Konami absolutly loaded the game with just about every ship from their 2d shooter past! Including:

Vic Viper (Gradius)
MX5000 (Flak Attack)
Jerry Mouse (A-JAX)
Falsion (Falsion)
Blue Thunder M-45 (Thundercross)
Twinbee (Twinbee)
Quarth (Quarth) <- It shoots blocks!
Sunfish (Space Manbow)
S-Fighter (Trigon)
Axelay (Axelay) <-Gah! My favorite!!
Flintlock (Xexex)
AuraWing (Crisis Force)
Penta (Yume Penguin Monogatari) <- A penguin in a jet!
Poly (Tobe! Polystars) <- Unexplainably ridiculous!!

The proof!

Part 1


Part 2


I find this all so awesome that I almost want to track this game down. But won’t. I’m quite sad I missed all this. Seeing Axelay in all its glory is somewhat tear inducing 😦

p.s. Where are you mike? You might be the only one else who cares about this.


3 thoughts on “Konami Provides Major Fan Service, Tells No One

  1. I always liked how Japanese game studios liked to put easter eggs that are COMPLETELY there for fanservice.

    You need to talk to your boss at GPG about getting some of the older properties snuck into the newer ones.

    Also, I’d just fly around as the penguin in the MIG. Awesome.

  2. Yea im not sure that something we should do around here. We don’t really have anything quite as amazing as Vic Viper to pull from.

    Also sorry for thinking that Mike might be the only one interested. Of course you would dig this!

  3. Damn Straight I dig this. But it brings up a point I have against current gen games. Not enough easter eggs/unlockables.

    Achievements are like unloackables that don’t give you anything but gold stars. I want newer weapons, god modes, exploding hentai shurikens (which would just be Urutsokudoji tentacles) and photomodes. Where the hell did all the zaniness in games go?

    Fuck this shit, I’m bitter. *plants C4 on PMCs in MGS4*

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