1up Yours = Peter wants to sleep….

Just downloaded the latest podcast.  Man, these guys try too hard.  They talk a mile a minute, complain about everything, AND manage to put me to sleep at my job.  Thumbs down.

On the other end, Top Secret: The Bionic Commando Podcast is fairly entertaining.  They’re coy, sarcastic, and fairly more levelheaded compared to 1up Your’s and are actually funny.  Check them out.  I suggest downloading the Ryan Payton, and Sven interviews to start with.


6 thoughts on “1up Yours = Peter wants to sleep….

  1. Man i’ve been listening to 1up yours for years (or a while) and yea its a bit shouty but, like your friends, you get used to it. I suggest the latest GFW podcast (or 97.5 “The Brodeo”) ) It’s much more entertaining. That Shawn Ellion guy is pretty smart and funny. Also 1up FM isn’t bad.

  2. Its just embarassing how they act like 12 yr olds when it comes to games. I know it comes with the territory, but they sound like my youngest brother, basically talking out of their asses. “Oh, he used a swear word. He’s awesome!” is all I get from the podcast.

    Occasionally they go off topic, but its not nearly as amusing as Top Secret’s “Japanese hate Monkeys” or “European’s like soccer/It’s called football” asides. Plus, Top Secret is basically the Unofficial Capcom Podcast, with interviews with the Creator of Phoenix Wright (Minae Matsuko) and Megaman (Keiji Inafune).

  3. Also the Ryan Peyton KojimaBlogs podcasts are pretty entertaining. Unfortunately since Metal Gear 4 is out I think they might be done with those for now. Though the David Hayter one is pretty timeless.

  4. Yeh, I had a good time with Koji Pro podcast. Of course, their doing……

    Dammit this may be spoiler. It doesn’t pertain to story, just a item in the game. Let me know if I can tell you this, Steve.

  5. Man, you do not know how hard it is to NOT talk about MGS4. You’ve got 3 months. After that, I’m going to go loco…. 😉

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