Two games I may buy a new desktop just to play

Hey dudes!  So I know I’ve been strangely quiet on here since we restarted The Malden.  My bad.   So, I have decided to break the silence by telling you about two upcoming pc titles I’m truly excited about.  As you all know by now, I am a HUGE Blizzard fan.  I think they make some of the most technically impressive and enjoyable games out there.  The artwork, music, animation, and gameplay are always top notch and they continuely update, patch, and perfect every game they release.  World of Warcraft has continually captivated me now for, going on, 3 years and a new expansion(Wrath of The Lich King) is on its way to keep the addiction alive.  Blizzard announced a few months back that Starcraft II is in the works and they just announced today, at their International Invitational, that Diablo III is on its way as well.  Do yourselves a favor and hop on over to  Check out the cinematic and gameplay trailers for both games and tell me you aren’t a little bit excited or intrigued too.  Though they are still  works in progress and far from complete, they show incredible potential and ooze of Blizzard goodness.  So excited! 

Also,completely off subject but, sad to here a great man and true light unto this world, Mr. George Carlin, left us recently.  Your great intellect and fuckin’ badass comedy will be missed good sir!  If you haven’t seen his last HBO special “It’s Bad For Ya!”  its on Youtube and is hilarious! 


3 thoughts on “Two games I may buy a new desktop just to play

  1. Hox! Good to hear from you man. The malden feels more complete….. and as crowded as ever. I think the crash pads are around here somewhere.

    As for blizzards games they look pretty great. Those guys have too much money. I can only hope that some people accidentally buy Demigod because it starts with the same letter.

  2. I wouldn’t mind giving Diablo 3 a shot. Its been awhile since I’ve played anything on PC, and dungeon raiding sounds like fun.

    How’s life treating ya, Hox? Hope things are going well. 🙂

  3. Man, Hox, it has been too long. To much to do in San Fran, huh? I may be coming down there again in September. I ‘ll let you know, of course.

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