Commando (Russian Remake)



3 thoughts on “Commando (Russian Remake)

  1. This looks awesome in EVERY concievable way EXCEPT (this is a big except) the Bennet guy actually looks somewhat threatening and doesn’t have a Freddy Mercury Mustache or chainmail vest. This is a major issue.

  2. Snowmobiles and hot russian models are a plus. The guy playing Matrix is pretty intimidating, but I don’t know if his quips are any good (don’t understand Russian)

    Chad, I needs me a translation. Better yet, you can watch it and tell us if its up to standard. 🙂

  3. Oh man, that was some funny stuff. I got the feeling that the filmmaker is being very tongue and cheek. I mean shit, a snowmobile without snow and a spinning motorcycle with a mounted machine gun? The soundtrack is so cheesy, it’s priceless.

    His first monologue says: “They say, luck doesn’t last forever.”

    The last scene between the general and he goes like this:

    General: “Is there anything left there?”
    Commando: “Only little bits.”

    I’ll have to keep my eye out for the inevitable DVD.

    Good find, Peter!

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