George Carlin: Dead at 71

The news of his death upset me.   There will never be another comedian quite like him.  Being the old man in the bunch, I remember “borrowing” my mom’s Carlin albums when she was away at work.  At the time, Bill Cosby was the king of comedy in my little world, so you can imagine when I first heard Carlin, my fragile mind shattered like sugar glass over a stunt man’s head.  When it eventually reassembled, my mind would never be the same.  It wasn’t long after that I decided to stop going to church: a decision my father continues to challenge after 20 years.  His last special was just as raunchy and poignant as ever and I highly recommend it when it comes out on DVD.


2 thoughts on “George Carlin: Dead at 71

  1. This is a bummer. The guy had plenty of fight and fire left in him and seemed pretty willing to lay into anyone who was actin’ a douche. I don’t think there is anyone else out there who can do what he did.

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