I Have A PSP. Now What?

Just bought a PSP so I could get my MGS fix on the road and that’s about it. I’m working on getting emulation running on it so that should make it worth it but I’m looking for more software and accessories. Any suggestions or is this thing not worth it?


3 thoughts on “I Have A PSP. Now What?

  1. Portable Ops is good. If you get Custom Firmware onto your PSP, you can try playing some of your PS1 games on it (copy the iso off of the disc, then put it into the ISO folder of the PSP memory stick). So you can bring MGS on the road. You’ll need to get a cheat code application to get to disc 2, which is really the only thing that’s mukking that up.

    Monster Hunter Portable 2 is kind of like Phantasy Star Online. Steve, Chad and I had some fun hunting sessions in that one.

    Ace Combat X was actually more fun than the 360 Ace Combat. At least more selectable plans and better Giant fortress battles.

    I have Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Its sort of like Kingdom Hearts, but not anywhere near as frustrating. Its purty, but abit, um, pansy.

    Oh, God of War: Chains of Olympus was fun. Its also the best looking PSP by a pretty big margin.

  2. As mentioned by Peter Monster Hunter 2 was buckets of fun. It’s just a bit harder to get going in single player but still might be worth your while. The early going isn’t all that hard and the weapons are a riot to play with but when you get to upper mid level monsters and big monsters you’ll need some buddies. It would be fantastic if we could play online together but unfortunately we have to play in proximity to each other. I do hope we will remedy this and put some time aside for some male bonding when Monster Hunter 3 comes out for the Wii. Expect another plea from me when we get more details about this.

    I’ve found the thing most useful as a retro machine. I bought the Gradius Collection, Castlevania Dracula X redux (I cant remember what they call it) and the Capcom Puzzle collection. It’s pretty sweet being able to play puzzle fighter on the road but other then that I dont really play them all that much. Other then that though…… haven’t bought much. Portable ops seems pretty fun but alas. Haven’t got there yet. I have also heard good stuff about Space Invaders Extreme.

  3. Its actually pretty surprising how many different emulators there are on the PSP. Mame, neogeo, kawaks, nes, genesis, gameboy. It was my own personal pocket arcade for retro gaming for quite awhile.

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