Back from my MGS4 sabbatical….

Got the game on the 12th.  It was the limited edition, with the game, BD documentary disc and OST CD packed in.  I also picked up the Limited Edition hardcover guide as well.  Didn’t use the guide until after I beat the game.

I started the game on Thursday and beat it this Sunday.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve beaten a game so quickly after first purchase.  My impression of the game:  I think I can retire from gaming.  If I had to pick a time to quit playing games, for the rest of my life without buying another game, this would be the game I would pick for my swan song.  Its polished to perfection, production values are just ridiculous.  And everything in MGS comes to a perfect man-child fantasy end for me.  It’s over the top, like a Sergio Leone film but with Mechs and Ninjas and all that anime jazz.

Now I’m just hoping the rest of the Malden will finish the game, because I want to talk about this sucker without holding anything back.  Get to it, I don’t care if you’re just renting a PS3 to play it, JUST PLAY IT.




6 thoughts on “Back from my MGS4 sabbatical….

  1. I have about 2 solid weeks of touring coming up. After that I’ll pick one up. I wouldn’t get a chance to play it now anyways. I do have the LE already though just to cover the bases. Mine came with a glossy book, with history and CG art.

  2. The glossy is standard issue with the Limited Edition I think. Also, I started my second playthrough for all of the unlockables. There is a shit ton of secrets in the game.

  3. Crap man I am no where near being in a position to play this or buy a ps3 😦 bummer. The suspense is killing me!! Well maybe not killing me but its there. Anyone got Wii fit yet?

  4. Just rent a PS3 from blockbuster. Actually, I’m not 100% sure if they still let you do that…..

    But yeah, if you can just rent it, then rent it.

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