I played the demo of the PSP version of this game for about 2 minutes and I was hooked!  If any of you don’t know, this game is all about perspective of the 3-D space you move in.  The tuturial explains the rules of the game universe, but after that, you’re on you own to figure out how to navigate the M. C. Escheresque levels.  Graphically, the game is simply black and white.  The orchestral music is catchy and soothing at the same time. 

Peter, you’re the only other person here that has a PS3.  I highly recommend either the PS3 or PSP version.  For $10, you won’t be disappointed.


3 thoughts on “Echochrome

  1. The only issue I have is picking a version. Oh, the irony of having a Sony console, where they have the same games on PSP and PS3.

    I did however play the demo, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I’m just over my current game budget. MGS4 Limited Edition….. I’m such a sucker…

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