Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Since no one wants to talk Metal Gear, I decided to finish playing Uncharted.  I’ll say this.  It does Indy better than the new movie does.  Using cover/shooting is intuitive, as is melee combat.  Platforming is fun, if not terribly difficult.  The cutscenes and characters are fleshed out nicely, with a attention to details that add alot too the game.  Drake flinching when bullets get too close to him, or his reactions to having to shoot people (“oh great, not this again”) really make him feel like a relateable every-man put into a ridiculous situation.  Graphically, its impressive both in its art direction and technical achievement.  It may not be overly detailed as Gears of War, but it sure is easier on the eyes.

The game’s only weak point is towards the end (last 2 levels) where the open take-cover combat is replaced with waves of mercs and a not-so-great final boss.  If you like Treasure Hunting Adventure with pulpy characters and old school charm, you got yourself a guaranteed good time with Uncharted.

4 out of 5 China Kicks


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