Rambo and body parts

I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I watched Rambo last night and was actually was pleasantly surprised by the level of gore.  I can picture Stallone in a pitch meeting saying, “You remember in Rambo II when I blew up that Vietcong guy with an explosive arrow?  I wanna do that to every Burmese soldier in this new movie.  Whadda ya think?”

If I was a financial backer, I would’ve given him a two big thumbs up just on those words alone.


2 thoughts on “Rambo and body parts

  1. Glad you enjoyed the flick. You did enjoy the film, right? Either way, yeah, alot of gore and violence.

    I remember folks getting into a hissy fit about the violence. Considering that the Burmese soldiers are actually doing stuff portrayed in the film in real life, I think it was pretty cathartic to see Stallone sniping guys through the jaw with his compound bow. Better to villains who are obviously doing bad shit as opposed to going to Iraq and having Rambo take out Al-Quada/insurgents.

    Actually, now I’m worried I might of enjoyed the movie TOO much…. :/

  2. I remember thinking about 2/3rds through “This is ok, but maybe not as awesome as I had hoped.” Then everyone in Burma all died all at once. And it made up for it.

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