You asked for it and I finally delivered it.  Below are the two parts to my Tokyo adventure.  Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Finally.

  1. Great and seriously detailed reflections (also how did you remember all this so precisely?)

    Peter it’s all up to you now. Then the Malden World Domination Tour will be complete.

    Also who’s Nozaki?

  2. Don’t know who Nozaki is, but I think it may be, *gasp* a visitor to the Malden?

    I’m still reading the second part of the post, but I’m guessing I can convince the wife we can hit Japan on the way back from Vietnam.

  3. All talk of Nozaki aside this is a pretty awesome recollection of your trip. I wish I could recall my days in J town in such detail. Though I did take about ten million times more pics then you did. It all makes me want to go back! I imagine a time someday where we can all visit at once and throw our considerable weight and american bulk around.

    And next time go to Super Potato!,+THE+place+for+gamers,+HDTV.html

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