Dr. Mario Online Mother Fuckers!

When I first moved in to the Malden, four-man Dr. Mario Battle Royales were on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I plan to D/L as soon as I clear some more space. Let’s bring back a Malden tradition.


First off, the download is only 93 blocks which was a relief for me. There’s no 4 player, online or off. Kind of a bummer. Online is smooth though and the matches link up pretty quick. Beware many of the Japanese players, they’ve had the game for awhile now and they will make your ranking and your tears fall in a hurry.


7 thoughts on “Dr. Mario Online Mother Fuckers!

  1. Got online and was promptly destroyed by a Japanese girl (or at least a Japanese man masquerading as a girl).

    My code is: 3020-9292-1425

  2. I just heard about this on Kotaku, which is quite possibly becoming worst than Gamefaqs as the place to go for trolling, insecure nerds from what I’ve seen of the comments.

    Count me in. I’m still in the middle of my MGS trilogy marathon at the moment. Just need to fight The Boss, and I should be good to go.

  3. Also, no shame in being beat by a girl. I used to get my assed stomped at Puzzle Fighter by some asian girl at the arcade.

  4. Sorry, “My Life as a King” is currently my life at the moment. For the moment Civic planning trumps the battle against disease.

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