If Street Fighter 4 doesn’t do it for you….

…try this on for size.

The game is called “Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom” .

To those of you who don’t know (including me). Tatsunoko is the company that created Speed Racer. Gatchaman, Macross and Casshern. Oh and lets not forget Samurai Pizza Cats.


Though it’s not exactly the Vs. game I would have personally asked for or even expected but now that it’s announced, well, I guess it’s pretty cool. The only problem I see is that in terms of fully fleshed out and suitable fighters, Capcom looks like it could mop the floor with Tatsunoko. I mean they made characters with the sole purpose of FIGHTING. Tatsunoko seems to specialize in sleeked out 70’s bodysuits or guys who seem to excel at driving things.

So i’m curious to see what happens. Will Capcom crush the anime heroes of the 70’s and 80’s? Or will Tatsunoko bust out the robot from “Superbook”? The world waits.

p.s. The fully 3d Megaman Legends background (and servbots) pleases me. Greatly.


5 thoughts on “If Street Fighter 4 doesn’t do it for you….

  1. I’m actually dissappointed that its in 3d. I’m guessing they got rid of their sprite artist a LONG time ago…. 😦

    Anyway, if they have Evangelions or Tekkaman, I think I’ll be happy.

  2. Yea it seems like it should be a crazy mash up. Maybe it would be better if Capcom just took on the Anime all star team or something.

    In terms of the 2d vs. 3d art, I’m actually digging the 3d art if only because sometimes the art actually looks 3d at times from a distance. It may not be the 2d extravaganza that we all would love but Capcom is doing ok with the 3d art in my worthless ol’ opinion.

  3. I like the look, and it looks a ton of fun. I’m wondering if this game will come out in America. I’m sure when the various Tatsunoko properties came out over here they had different distributors.

    And Steve I edited the post a bit to make the links work. I hope you don’t mind.

  4. Steve, are you gonna be in NY until June 11? Because I hear they’re having a MGS4 worldwide Release party with Kojima present…..

    If so, good timing. If not, BAD timing.

    Regarding whether it will come out in the states: Probably not. At least that’s my opinion on it.

  5. The biggest hurdle I think for this coming out in America may not be the content but more what to call the thing. I’m really not sure what they will come up with to Make the name snappy.

    As for NYC i’m back. Actually i’ve been back since tuesday. Not only did I miss the MGS thing I missed out on seeing an art show from Murakami that I wanted to see

    And thanks mike for fixing the links. How do I fix that myself?

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