New York City is…..


*Big. Like so many seattle side by side and stacked on top of each other. Much like tokyo.

*Full of good food. I don’t know what accounts for this fact. Even food that one would deem “shitty” like hot dogs and pizza are amazingly delicious x 1000000. My highest recommendation: Kenka.

I believe we should have our Malden reunion there.

*Not as foreign as I though it was. Sure there are different races and nationalities up the ying yang but it still feels very american. For some reason I wasn’t expecting this.

*Lacking in restroom facilities. Much like tokyo. Something about the place had me ready to bust MORE THEN USUAL. Thank god for starbucks I guess. Luckily NYC doesn’t have Tokyo lack of trash receptacle problem. Thats because people seem to treat the whole place like a trashcan.

*Quaint. There are places on Manhattan that are pretty darn low key and unrushed.

*Worth going back to or living at (no i’m not moving)

*Home to Owen Wilson. Or at least he visits sometime. I saw him walking around with I guess his driver and maybe his agent trying to catch a cab. I think he was drunk and he was acting like hot shit.
More on New York soon….


3 thoughts on “New York City is…..

  1. Well, you have a first hand account of how it is to live there. I could do it for a little while, but I’m getting too old for such big cities.

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