Boom Blox

Since everyone has Mario Kart, and since my compatriot Mike has jumped into the fires of Final Fantasy: CC, I might as well tell you about my experiences with Boom Blox.  Boom Blox?  Yeh, Boom Blox.

Developed by EA, its Steve Spielberg’s first orginal game (Tiny Toon Adventures on the Snes/Nes doesn’t really count).  The simple concept is you have to either clear a certain number of blocks/points using either baseballs/exploding baseballs/lasers/grabbing blocks to clear each puzzle.  The catch is you need to do it in a certain number of moves ala golf.  So its not quite as easy as it looks.

The gameplay is pretty damn addictive. The use of the wii-mote is super intuitive, even more so than Wii Sports and Metroid Prime 3.  I logged a good 3 hours (and the wrath of my wife) playing this game.  The cutesy characters who watch you solve these puzzles can also be beaned/zapped and watching them helplessly wiggle their limbs to get up is Katamari-style wacky.

Its a solid first attempt by Spielberg.  As a puzzle game, its pretty damn challenging.  Trying to collapse everything in one throw/explosion or trying to pull the stacks out of a Jenga-like tower without letting your little square Cow falling to his death is pretty nerve wracking in a good way.

Would I recommend this game?  I would say wait, but if you like to support new gameplay styles, then go for it.  Its a puzzle game, so not everyone will like it, but if you need something to hold you over between other games, or just don’t feel like playing GTA4, it’s more fun than painful. 

4 out of 5 china kicks.


2 thoughts on “Boom Blox

  1. In the time leading up to its release I kept getting Blast Works confused with Boom Blox. I’m probably more excited for that title than Boom Blox, but I may give Blox a rent based on your kind words. As long as it has Private Ryan shaky cam effects.

  2. I played about one whole second of this at the Nintendo World Store in New York. It was pretty fun!

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