FFCC: MLAAK is just like high school…

…because I’m not getting any action.

I downloaded this game on Tuesday and I was not prepared for it. I heard some early impressions when it came out in Japan about it being a management/building sim but I largely ignored those impressions. How foolish I was.

Gameplay impressions:

The game has been likened to a Sim City/Animal Crossing hybrid. I would say this isn’t really accurate because it feels like neither of those games. The building part is pretty simple and not very deep compared to Sim City. The collection and interactions with the inhabitants of your town are shallow when compared to AC. What it does have in common with both games is it is inexplicably SUPER ADDICTIVE.

The feel I get from this game is, Baby’s First Romance of The Three Kingdoms. I can’t say it’s exactly like a Three Kingdoms game but the flow of the game feels like it.

It starts out really slow and it leaves you wanting your 15 dollars back but if you get a few “days” under your belt it will suck you in.

Every morning your tiny King wakes from his slumber to be badgered with going over financial reports and tales of battles that you will never take part in. Then you “behest” your band of adventures to go off and explore and fight for the glory of your kingdom. While they’re out having all the fun you decide, resources willing, “where would be a most excellent place for a bakery?” By the time you get it built, the sun has set and it’s time to get in your jammies and rinse wash and repeat all over again.

As your kingdom becomes larger, where you build things does become more crucial. If you spread your weapons, armor, and item shops as well as various training venues all over the place it will take your adventurer party all day just to get ready and will be heading out at dusk. Note: this is bad because no matter how bad ass your warriors become they will never get over their fear of the dark. Unfortunately the game gave me little warning of this so I spent a few days dismantling and reassembling key buildings so my party could get out of town with some daylight to spare. It’s still a work in progress.

Graphics and sound:

Simple and low detail but pretty. The animation hearkens back to PS1 days so be forewarned. I hope you really like the main theme because it’s all you get. I’ve mostly blocked it out now.

The DLC:

This is the nickel and dime, micro-transacting DLC we’ve all feared. Most of it you can do with out but the $8 Race Pack is seeming to become more of a must buy. And the fact it’s only a block or two of space would lead me to believe it’s not down-loadable at all. I have to pay to unlock something already in the game.

The Wrap-up:

I’m hooked and angry about it. It’s tedious and I’m addicted. So now I warn you: don’t buy it!

It’s too late for me but for all that is holy, save yourselves!


6 thoughts on “FFCC: MLAAK is just like high school…

  1. I’ll remember this. Thank you for throwing yourself in front of the proverbial train for us. I’ll only get this game if I actually get hit by a train, or bus, or large vehicle and am laid up in bed for months on end.

  2. Just for the record, this is not a pan. I just wanted to point out while being flawed and limited, that the game is very addictive and engaging. You just have to be prepared to tackle a very specific type of software.

    I think you got my meaning, I just wanted to clarify.

  3. Oh, I know. I just have so much on my plate right now that I’ll have to pass on this game. I’m enjoying Lost Winds, though.

  4. Please let’s not mention “He Who Will Not Be Named”. I was in love with R3K number 7 I think. Then one day I had the audacity to…go to work. I get back home and “He Who Will Not Be Named” had united all of China behind my back.

    Needless to say I lost the heart to play the game any further and just mentioning it has me reaching for my trusty Pepcid AC.

  5. Well, Hobbits have a way with things. I did not know he had united all of China. Must have been Iron Fisted to do so….

    Speaking of China, did anyone see Forbidden Kingdom? It was actually pretty good, kind of somewhere between Fong Sai Yuk and Iron Monkey. The only thing that put me off was everyone speaking english (with some occasional Mandarin), but its a american/HK production so that’s just a given.

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