Emerald City Comicon

So I took the kid (Michael) to Emerald City Comicon. I feel kind of out of the loop. Why is black so damn popular? There are other t-shirt colors, you know. Looked around, didn’t buy anything. Kid was eating crackers, checking out the masses.

Gave a solicitation to Top Cow, only because they looked like the only folks who would take pages of “superhero” art.

The Convention Center is a MUCH nicer venue than the QWEST field, but there really wasn’t any thing I hadn’t seen in previous conventions, besides the Wacom/Cintiq guys. Now I want a Cintiq….

Animation Master guy was back with his snake oil pitches. I don’t think I saw a Kicks Hobbie stand this year. Kid was getting hungry/tired, so I left around 3:30.

Conclusion: I think I’ll try out Penny Arcade Expo. I haven’t been to that yet.

End random thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Emerald City Comicon

  1. Based on that report, sleeping on a wooden, hobo-stained bench in the park in January sounds more fun than going to that comic-con.

  2. Dude… I’m way jealous. I was going to go with friends, but I’m a little too poor for $20.00 entrance fee, right now.

    I think I’m gonna go to San Diego. Wish me luck!

  3. Comicon San Diego is Bigger, Louder, and has 3 times as many has been tv stars and amputee stuntmen. The ECCC wasn’t bad, just sort of the same as the last time I went.

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