Aftermath, Tokyo

Oh Tokyo!  Why did I take sooo long to visit you?  You took me into your arms and cradled me in the womb that is your Metro.  You showed me such sights, like ancient temples and Buddhas, streets packed with people and goods alike, cool three wheeled scooters delivering curries and pizza, a giant golden turd perched atop the Asahi brewery, geishes, sumos, Japanese Elvises and salary men.  My head was dizzy!

Now I’ve returned to provincial Seattle, where you don’t have to worry about bicycles hitting you on the sidewalk and I find myself a little….sad.  But as the memories fade, I’ll look back fondly on my trip.  I will write about it in more detail as my jet lag diminishes.  It may be too long to post here, but I’ll try to post some excerpts. 

Here are some pictures to make you smile.


4 thoughts on “Aftermath, Tokyo

  1. Jesus Peter….. how can those two pictures not force you to board a plane for Tokyo IMMEDIATLY!?!?

  2. Cause wife + 2 year diploma + Baby = fuckin’ poor…. 😦

    Plus, if we travel, its going to be Vietnam, so she can visit her folks….. gah.

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