Lost Winds = WiiWare goodness

$10 download from the WiiWare selection.  Only 43 mb, and a really easy going game.  It works like Okami, but the wind affects platforming more directly (i.e. you use it to jump, since the little kid can only walk and hold things). 

I’m going to say that I think its probably one of the best orginal downloadable games I’ve played.  If you have the extra dough, give it a spin.



4 thoughts on “Lost Winds = WiiWare goodness

  1. I’m making space for it as we speak. I have to say the SD write speeds are incredibly slow, Nintendo has to come up with a better solution for storage if they want Wii Ware to take off.

    I’m also going to D/L My Life As A King and try to post impressions of that in the next day or so.

  2. Backing up my channels and games on to the SD card is a bit of a pain. I just spend my time playing with my kid/reading news during that time.

    Also, you ready for Bionic Commando ReArmed? I’m ready. That and MGS4 will fill the hole in my videogame soul….

  3. Lost Winds is a beautifully produced game. I only just started, but I’m very impressed with the feel of it. I’m having a hard time going back to GTA IV.

    I can’t wait for MSG4 myself.

  4. I broke free for a little while from the cruel mistress that is the new FFCC to play about an hour of Lost Winds.

    I love it. Graphically it’s simple but beautiful. It fills me with the same kind of peace the first Klonoa did. Gameplay wise you have to imagine this is the kind of third party content that Nintendo had hoped for.

    I won’t say that this game could only work on Wii, it’s not that revolutionary. But it feels like it.

    This is a must download.

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