Not this already….

We cant be losing steam already! C’mon guys lets not lose steam already. Whats happening with mike. Peter hows the kid? Where is Erik? Is Danielle still living? Chad how fares Tokyo?

To keep things fresh i’ll drop this


5 thoughts on “Not this already….

  1. Between the Mariners early season death spiral and trying to reconcile my election coverage watching obsession with my feelings of hating all three candidates, I’ve been a little preoccupied.


  2. Yea I usually let my Political coverage cut into my work schedule but never the Malden! And on that note I think were at least nearing the end of this part of the cycle. God lets hope.

  3. I was thinking of that MGO first impressions thing, but sort of in comic strip format. Unfortunately, that would take forever, so ‘eh’.

    In the meantime, I’ll put some vids of my kid fighting with an Old Country Buffet balloon, as soon as I find it.

  4. On that video, are they saying we’d be better off if the Nazis landed on the moon first? I mean, here we are, not even colonizing the hunk of grey rock, and Nazi Moon already has its Uber Capital up and in place.


  5. Still alive. Comedy has been keeping me busy as fuck.

    Let’s see…

    People’s Republic of Komedy made me a member, so that’s cool.

    I’m a writer/trivia girl on a monthly called Get Loweded, which is this like variety/drinking game/game show. It’s starting to catch on. The Stranger did a really nice article on it, because they rock.

    My NILF status netted me a gig hosting nerdcore night at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival in June… and in fact, that’s what they are calling it. NILF night.

    Just got confirmed for Bumbershoot. It’ll be the Fresh Faces show on the local comedy stage. It’s tentatively scheduled for the afternoon on Monday.

    Also, I put in my two weeks, yesterday, because apparently jobs don’t like it when you go from being a rockstar to making them your last priority because they refuse to make your pay match your work so you get all stressed out and have panic attacks and then your psychiatrist tells you to quit or whatevs.

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