Iron Man


I’m just going to post my reviews here, so have at you.

On to the review.  Since Marvel Entertainment has started Marvel Studios, we have 2 films opening this summer.  One is The Incredible Hulk (sans Ang Lee), and the other is this film called IRON MAN. 

Being a 10 year old kid in the 90s, I have a general idea of who Iron Man is.  One of my first comics was this issue of Iron Man.  Back on topic, Iron Man is a guy in a robot suit who beats up on EVIL guys in robot suits (that also includes Dr. Doom.  DOOM!).  He’s also a Military Industrialists who gets to find out first hand what his products can do to him and others.  Tony Stark hence develops a conscious and goes around taking out terrorists/giant armor guys.  And hitting on supermodels in the mean time.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, this was a damn good film.  Downey Jr.  is a PERFECT Tony Stark.  Terrence Howard as Jim Rhodes, also good.  Gwenyth Platrow’s Pepper Potts is a good foil to Stark’s man on a mission.

Lots of action, some terrorist get beat up, and it ends with a big third act fight (duh). 


4.5 (out of 5) China Kicks!




2 thoughts on “Iron Man

  1. Haven’t seen it yet but I remember when it was announced and thinking how appropriate the casting of Downey Jr. was. Glad to hear it’s not a stinker I just need to go see it now.

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