I was bored Monday night, so I stood in line for 40 minutes at the Pacific Place EB to procure my copy of the newest crime simulator, GTA IV.  I didn’t read much about before it came out, but I did know that the main protagonist is a Russian emigrant fresh off the boat working for his cousin.  That detail alone piqued my interest.

Right from the beginning, I was impressed.  Graphically, the game is what we had wished GTA III had looked like.  Liberty City is much more alive.  The inhabitants are actually doing things, like carrying groceries, playing craps on a corner, or getting chased by the cops.  The traffic is thick and annoying.  So far, I’ve driven about 5 cars and they all feel different, especially when it comes to cornering.  There exists a refinement in the physics that I didn’t feel from the previous GTA’s.  My favorite radio station is Vladivostok FM, hosted by actual Russians.  That gave me a little chubby.

Even though, you can drive almost anywhere you want in this giant city, you always know what to do.  You get a cell phone initially and all of your assignments are phoned or texted to you.  It is a very easy system to use.  You can even set up way points on the map, so you don’t get lost.  I think this feature has always been there, but I could never see the realtime map that well.  The higher definition allows me to see it much more easily.  

The best part about the game, though is the story.   You are just trying to make a living as Niko and so far the story is fun.  You even get the chance to date a woman early on and take her out.  So far, I’ve taken to the cabaret and watched a few delightfully entertaining acts.  For example, a Russian fellow who plays as an American cowboy.  All he does is rolls around the stage shooting his imaginary pistols, until he is shot himself.  The audience boos and he mopes off stage.   It’s stupid, but funny.  Afterward, you can press your luck with this girl and have some sexy time.   

I highly recommend this game to my fellow Maldenites.


7 thoughts on “GTA IV

  1. Picked this up the day after I made my MGS4 reservation.

    360 or PS3? I know everybody has a 360, but I think mine has been showing signs of DRE soon (unclean disk my ass).

    So far, its pretty much GTA Vice City/San Andreas but with more polish to it. The missions are still not my cup of tea, but I haven’t gotten too far myself (just opened up that Michelle mission).

  2. SO, as you guys may know, my biggest gripe with the series is it’s not really an open ended game. You’re still locked in to the story. Has this been amended? Is it still a linear story masquerading as a sandbox game? At least a few or even two different ways you can go?

    I guess what I’m looking for is some morality choices in this game like Fable or KOTOR.

  3. I’m guessing that there are no morality choices. So if that’s your thing, then I would steer clear. I’m not even sure, I’ll have the wherewithall to finish the damn thing, but I am enjoying the story much better this time.

  4. I have the PS3 version, so unless everybody gets a PS3, I’m all alone…. 😦

    Back to MGO….

  5. Peter….. you should have known better. Plus if you really want more GTA fun isn’t microsoft planning some DLC? Ack I sound like a microsoft shill….

  6. What can I say, I have a PS3, I want to play SOMETHING on it. Until MGS4 rolls out, I’m cool.

    And yes, all of redmond is in love with the 360. Nevermind that its as reliable as a ultra hot rich chick.

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