Metal Gear Online beta

Just setup my account and started some matches.  There’s a death match stage (Bloodbath), and a stage that’s  more fun (MAYHEM MARKET).  My character is Dagger Moose.  Apparently, no one wants to play the Sneaking game mode.  Blue Team vs. Red Team vs. Snake,  Why doesn’t anyone get the appeal of that?

So, is the Malden gonna be representing in MGO or what?  God I hope so.


6 thoughts on “Metal Gear Online beta

  1. I would love to, but… let’s see here where’s that 600 dollars I left lying around. Hmmm, not under the couch… not in the jeans I wore last night… I’ll get back to you.

  2. Yea I want in on this but dont have the blowable cash at the moment. I do one the other hand look forward to using the man cannon. Man that series is kooky.

  3. Played some Sneaking mission. Its round robin selection with snake. Pretty fun.

    Man cannon landing spots + magazines = easy kills.

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