A Question For Steve.

As we really get this blog slowly chugging along I’m always thinking of new sources of content.

Steve, you work in a hot bed of video game activity. Surely you must hear gossip and scurrilous rumors on games in development, projects on the horizon, and development houses in turmoil, right? Dish it dude!

Although I also have an idea that Redmond is something akin to Berlin in the 60’s. Everyone looking over their shoulder, spinning disinformation, never knowing who your friends are, suspecting the next secret you pass on maybe your last.

Does the gossip fly? Or are there underground tunnels all over the Microsoft Campus?

We need to know!


8 thoughts on “A Question For Steve.

  1. Hmmmm…. This is a touchy subject. I haven’t been keeping my ear to the ground as much as months past lately (going to “industry nights” and various get togethers) but I do manage to pick up some interesting things. Unfortunatly I have to keep and thing I know from internal GPG projects (like anyone cares) under wraps. I do manage to pick up info from friends in the area by intuition and guesswork
    “Hey your working at Zipper Interactive (makers of SOCOM navy seals) now. What are you working on?
    “I can’t say”
    “Perhaps does it have anything to do with Navy Special forces?”
    “….. Maybe”

    That sort of thing. Which is fair game. Anything really specific that could be traced to me though would land me in some hot water.

  2. Well I would never ask about GPG stuff of course.

    Hmm we’ll have to create an alter ego for you to post under. No one would ever suspect you then.

    Dammit man, I need me some scoops. Then we can sell adds, then we can snort heroin out of a Thai hooker’s ass crack.

    Take one for the team man, it’s not all about YOU, y’know…

  3. Tunnels in the Microsoft Campus? I work there and we’ve got ginormous pretty cafeterias.

    I hear the Zune area is like a frickin R&D airplane hangar with all kinds of spiel. What is actualy inside, I can’t say.

    Also, no one snorts heroin, your thinking of coke. And most Thai Prostitutes are men.

  4. The best message, is no message at all.

    In all serious, if we had a lot of people who came here I think we’d really try to stay on topic. But it’s really just 5 or 6 of us just chattin’ in our virtual living room, it really doesn’t matter.

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