The Time 100

Any regular viewer of the Colbert Report knows about Stephen Colbert’s ongoing online battle for the prestigious prize of being number one on The Time 100. I thought: “OK Stephen I’ll throw my vote in and help you take down that insidious Rain.” So I go to the website and (this is the part where I make this all about me) I gaze upon the poll and who’s number 1? Not Colbert (3), not Rain (2), but Shigeru Miyamoto!

WTF d00dz!

So I will explain what this has to do to me. Allow me to set the stage.

The time: The year when everyone was partying like it’s 1999 (because it was)

The stage: The exhaulted yet unaccredited school of higher learning known as The Art Institute Of Seattle.

The Villian: A bitter photoshop teacher.

The class was assigned to create a Man Of The Century cover for Time. It was an excersize in photoshop collage prowess. He was not too specific on the subject matter but he did want it to be appropriate. People picked Einstein, JFK, MLK and other folks of some repute. I picked Shigeru Miyamoto.

I did a pretty bang up job and was rewarded with a B-. After class I asked why I got a lower grade than quite a few other students. He said Miyamoto didn’t qualify, wasn’t influential enough and I was marked down a whole letter grade. I cried foul and rattled of a dozen of his accomplishments and creations. My pleas fell on deaf ears and the grade stood.

9 years later I’ve been vindicated by Time magazine and couldn’t care less about Colbert and Rain’s silly feud. Neither one of them get my vote. This time, it’s personal.


3 thoughts on “The Time 100

  1. Is it just me, or is our generation being vindicated? I mean, I used to have to deal with my folks saying “there’s no future in videogames” and now its like a status symbol if you know your gaming shit.

    Only downside is all of the hipsters who keep assimilating anything remotely fringe.

  2. Why did it even matter who you put on your Time cover anyways? Did that somehow effect your photoshop skills? Was this Photoshop/current events?
    At least you have been vindicated for great justice.

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