Megaman 2 Dr Wily Stage 1 + Ultraman Seven =


*edit* here’s the original Megaman 2 midi, just so there’s no confusion:

And the actual ultraman 7 song:

English Subtitles.


8 thoughts on “Megaman 2 Dr Wily Stage 1 + Ultraman Seven =

  1. Oh, how dare you!? I give at least two fucks. What I’m trying to figure out is where the song that plays over the megaman clip came from? It’s not the original theme as I see now. What’s it from? If you know that is. It’s a Ultraseven song I can see that from the lyrics. Is it the theme song to the 2002 remake?

    It’s possibly too well produced to be fan created but the guys voice cracking is too poor to be for real. Either way I love it!

  2. Yea lets make no mistake. Despite its mysterious origins this is AWESOME! I especially like the the “oooo da daa da DAAAHH” parts.

  3. The lyrics are from the old Ultraman 7 show, but just matched up to the Dr Wily Stage 1 theme. From the looks of what you get on youtube, I think it might be all memed by the anime kids.

    Still, its by a group called Oxeman, so rock on.

  4. Okay, its actually more like the Aquabats’ song wear they use the Wily tune and sing about Ultraman seven and Oxenman. Its not as Pink Floyd as I thought it was, but still “UL-TO-RO-MON, UL-TO-RO-MON”

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