A Word About Okami For Wii And Other Stuff

Well let me start off by saying I have never played the PS2 Version but I wasn’t oblivious to the game. In fact I don’t think I have ever held a game that I have never played in such high esteem. I’m only about 2 hrs in but what follows are my initial impressions/experiences.

0:01: Shit I forgot to plug a nunchuk in, hang on…

0:03: Ok, Here we go I am stoked!!!

0:27: Wow. I just finished the intro. That was long, not boring, just long. Graphics are blurry, low res, yet still beautiful.

0:28: Oh goody an annoying sidekick.

0:29: Oh no, I just broke a pot and yen came out. Why would a wolf or a god or in this case a God-wolf need money?

0:34 OK now I’m in battle, one thing I did not know is that everything stops when you use brush strokes. Hmmm.

0:47 Yay… a fetch quest.

Okay that’s enough, those times were kind of made up after the fact anyways.

I had a lot of hope for this game and I may have put it on a pedestal. From what I’ve played it’s in no way a bad game. It has a great backdrop, great use of cel shading, likable characters, etc… I just found (so far) the brush stroke not that revolutionary and the actual game design derivative of a Zelda game. I like it and will continue to play it but I guess I led myself to expect more.

In other news:

Just D/L’d the Boston song pack for Rock Band. Which has led me to believe two things: More Than A Feeling may be the greatest song ever written and power ballads may be the alternative fuel source, if properly channeled, that America is looking for.

On the VC: River City Ransom motherfuckers! That is all.

Finally, I have a key for The Metal Gear Online Beta and no PS3. So if anybody needs one or knows somebody who needs one I’d be happy to supply that.


6 thoughts on “A Word About Okami For Wii And Other Stuff

  1. I still need to finish Okami. This generation, its just a travesty of unfinished games in my catalog. 😦

    Whenever my bro has MORE THAN A FEELING playing on his comp, we both sing the chorus, like its in stereo. Guitar Hero, yup.

    I gots a PS3, but its a gimped one (no BC). Also, have you picked up Yakuza yet?

  2. Am I still alone in not knowing whos doing the posting? It doesnt say anyones name or anything does it?

  3. I answered that question in the last post with the super nintendo controller. We can start putting bylines ourselves or I can change the theme. It’s up to everybody.

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