Then and Now

It’s 4 in the morning and I’m sitting at work watching other people sleep. With the resurgence of this blog, I find myself missing the Malden. Sure, it was a cramped, cat infested, often smelly apartment with the most god awful carpet in the city, but it was our home for two years and life was good.

So let’s compare my life then and now, shall we?

  1. I worked days back then, which I loved, but I hated my job.
  2. I lived in a cramped, windowless room; now a cramped room surrounded by windows.
  3. I helped take care of cat named Oscar. Now I help take care of a human named Kat.
  4. I would drink and watch wrestling. Now I find myself drinking and watching Rock of Love II.

Huh, I guess things haven’t changed that much?


6 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Peter, in the dashboard you can edit your display name. I really just hate numbers in online handles, but that’s me, it’s a free blog.

  2. … this is relevant to nothing, but I got to do a conchairto last night at the show.

    I have bruises all over my arms, and my middle finger is swollen.

    What show, you ask? Oh, hello Stranger Puff Piece…

    I’m one of the writing staff, and I host the trivia section.

    I also get to drink lots of free beer.

    If’n you guys ever want to come, let me know.

    I know that I don’t call and I suck. I totally miss you fucks, though.

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