Possibly the new talky place…

Well we all know that our BB sucks hard ass and that weblogs are the duck’s nuts. We’ll give this a try if I can get multiple users working…


11 thoughts on “Possibly the new talky place…

  1. SO apparently the BB isn’t coming up at all. I like this blog software and would love to use it on the main page. However geocities doesn’t allow for free ftp so I can’t install it on the site. So for now this is hosted on the wordpress site for free. One problem: as far as I can figure only one author is allowed. You can comment on any article but only one author can write a new one so I’ll make the user and pass available shortly…

  2. Have you tried out Blogger on Google? I don’t know if its better, but I’ve seen acouple users share some blogs, such as Drawing Bored.

    And its free too.

  3. well I made the user and password info available. You can try or we can go in on a host or find a free one that has ftp

  4. Ah fantastic. Im still ashamed we let this dies in the first place. Hopefully, since were all older and wiser our musings will skew toward upper echelon HD Midget porn instead of all that grainy amateur stuff we used to go on and on about.

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